Organizing for Autonomy

Organizing for Autonomy

History, Theory, and Strategy for Collective Liberation



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Organizing for Autonomy provides a comprehensive strategic handbook for autonomous communist politics, a growing tendency on the left. Whatever the outcome of the Sanders campaign, there is an appetite for a compelling liberatory strategy that is currently not being addressed. 

• Black, Indigenous, decolonial, abolitionist movements have proliferated alongside a historic upswing in labor and migrant organizing. Autonomous liberatory theory has much to offer these movements

• CounterPower’s affiliation with the Marxist Center offers a wide network of local audiences who could set up events/reading groups and we will pitch CounterPower collective members as speakers to these groups.

• In the aftermath of the Democratic primary and during the presidential campaign there will be a strong desire to build grassroots social movements

• The coronavirus is necessitating people form Mutual Aid networks and Organizing for Autonomy will provide a history of those types of organizing and survival strategies and provide guidance on how to carry them forward to address the ongoing economic crises.

• The role of radical parties within the political process is something that is of crucial importance in the US and will definitely be revisited come the fall. Members of the DSA and its almost 200 chapters and the 20 plus Marxist Center affiliates form an eager audience.

• Organizing for Autonomy emerged out of decades of organizing experience and people (including the authors) will use the book to further this effort. The collective is “US” based and politically committed to spreading and discussing this work in person, online, and in the media.

• Will appeal to readers of The Coming Insurrection, Wretched of the Earth, The Society of the Spectacle, CrimethInc., and the Communist Manifesto.

• Will appeal to those looking to get deeper into organizing for social justice

• CounterPower will be hosting panels at Left Forum, Historical Materialism, and Socialism 2020 conferences.

• This book addresses the new generation of readers who are eager to explore Marxist theory in its rich diversity, who are rooted in the left organizations which have grown exponentially in recent years, and who have been nurtured by a thriving ecosystem of political debate online and in print.

• This book is the culmination of years of collective labor by the members of CounterPower, a communist political organization in the U.S. It reflects theories that have emerged from synthesizing different revolutionary perspectives and lessons learned through direct participation in grassroots social struggles.



CounterPoweris a revolutionary organization committed to building the power of working and oppressed people, from below and to the left. Drawing lessons from past and present movements, they offer an analysis, vision, and strategy to build for social revolution in the heart of empire. They organize to dismantle the imperialist world-system: a system based on the fusion of capitalism, heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, and the state. With branches throughout the United States, CounterPower has more than a decade of experience helping to build the collective power and autonomy of workers and the oppressed.